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Life's questions completely unexplained


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Thank you for visiting The Yellow Pages!

My name is Julianna Bradley and I am a first year at Brown. I started The Yellow Pages as part of my intention to become more vulnerable. I have always been a thinker, perhaps too much of one, and love to create (and destroy) theories on life.  Entering college this fall made me realize how easy it is to be inauthentic and not always show your true colors (pun intended). I’ve always loved to write and blogged a bit in high school, so I decided to pose my ideas to others and see what comes of it.

My goal is to write about observations I have made that have stirred me. I want to present these observations, ponder them, and allow others to work do the same. Each blog has a theme at the beginning and a questions to “un-answer” at the end. I am excited to see what thoughts can be provoked!


One thought on “Me

  1. Your blog is great! It’s really interesting reading what you write. I miss you and hope you’re doing great in college.

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